iJustine Comes to Facebook

iJustine photoThe popular iJustine who recently joined the Justin.tv team has launched a Facebook application. For those of you who don’t already know what Justin.tv is, it is a 24/7 video stream of Justin Kan. Justin and a group of his friends received funding to launch a video site which documented the launch of their startup. Since launch, the Justin.tv team has added a number of other live feeds including iJustine. While you can go view iJustine live at the Justin.tv website, you can also view the show live by adding the iJustine application. The application also features a live Meebo chatroom to discuss Justine’s happenings with other visitors. When I checked out the application the video didn’t seem to be streaming properly but I’m sure they are quickly working out all of the bugs. If you want to join the other voyeuristic fans that watch iJustine throughout the day, go grab the iJustine application.