IHT Publisher Steps Down


International Herald Tribune publisher Michael Golden is stepping down from his post to focus on his second job — vice chairman of the New York Times Company. Taking over as publisher is Stephen Dunbar-Johnson (pictured), a 10-year veteran of the IHT who has worked his way up from advertising director to the paper’s top business-side gig.

According to Dunbar-Johnson:

What we’ve accomplished over the last three years is very significant to get the IHT to virtually break even… And I really see my role as to build on what we’ve achieved.

He says one of his main goals will be “to develop new revenue sources and to increase integration with The New York Times.” Given that the paper is already deeply integrated with the NYT (which owns it), we’re going to speculate this will mean cutbacks in original reporting — which makes sense given the belt tightening that the post-Murdoch Wall Street Journal has caused in competitors.

Golden is a long-time industry veteran who has been publisher of Tennis and McCall‘s and served as the New York Times Company’s VP for operations development.