Ignore Your Friends on Facebook

Earlier today Facebook added a new feature that enables you to block specific friends from sending you application invites. This is a great addition. I have a few friends that keep sending me application invites and it is not the fault of the application provider but instead the fault of the individual. Applications were being penalized for being ignored when in reality it was simply a pesky friend.

It’s great to see that Facebook is consistently updating their feature set to ensure a fair environment for application developers. While there have been missteps that have penalized developers, Facebook has attempted to reconcile with app developers by instituting new features that appear to be somewhat of a compromise. App developers make “reasonable sacrifices” in exchange for a better general user experience on Facebook.

While it could be argued that this constant trend of Facebook making it more challenging for application developers to succeed, there are still applications that have managed to experience continued growth. As we see more high quality applications launch on Facebook we will begin to see more features that focus on filtering through the social graph rather then flat out blocking applications. Thanks to Andrew Cafourek for pointing out this new feature to me.

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