IGN Rolls Out Content Personalization Feature

IGN sees a major void on social networking sites.
In the company’s eyes, sites like Facebook and MySpace don’t really serve gamers very well, since hardcore gamers have to sift through too much non-game-related information from friends that think that Grand Theft Auto is just a felony.
Thus, the News Corp.-owned, male-oriented site has rolled out MyIGN, a new content personalization feature that aims to blend social media with social gaming. The idea is to create a pure, gamer-oriented social network, where users can follow specific games, game developers, IGN editors and just their gaming buddies.
The still-in-beta MyIGN also features a rewards system aimed at encouraging more usage and social interaction. The more games that users list or follow in their profiles the more points they can earn. Points allow users to advance to different MyIGN “levels,” which is then broadcast to their friends. Users can also rate games, share what titles they have recently purchased or played, and share videos and blog postings with their MyIGN network.