IGN Entertainment Sells Rotten Tomatoes to Flixster

News Corp.’s IGN Entertainment has sold off its popular movie review aggregator/social network Rotten Tomatoes to the San Francisco, Calif.-based movie community Flixster Inc.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but as part of the transaction, IGN will take on a minority equity state in Flixster.

Rotten Tomatoes has been part of the News Corp. family since 2005, when the conglomerate acquired IGN. RottenTomatoes.com pulls together reviews from traditional media properties and sites across the Web, a famously applies an aggregate score—i.e. The Tomatometer. The site also serves as a venue for fans to sound off on their movie preferences.

Similarly, Flixster.com serves as a platform for movie junkies looking to share tastes and influence friends on what to see (or not to see). The four-year-old site also compiles local movie listings and boasts of one of the most popular movie applications on both the iPhone and Facebook.

Executives claim that the partnership between the two movie-centric sites will yield the dominant Web player in the category. “Rotten Tomatoes has built a fantastically well-known brand that moviegoers trust when making their decisions,” said Flixster’s president and COO Steve Polsky “Combined with Flixster’s social networking and word-of-mouth, we’re creating the leading movie destination on the Internet.”