IGN.com Scores Guinness World Record

Are they running out of things to honor at Guinness World Records?

No offense to the talented crew at IGN.com, but “Most Popular Video Games Website” sounds a whole lot like something Comscore and Alexa.com determine on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In fact, there’s some data from Comscore quoted in the very press release touting the Guinness accomplishment:

For the past 21 consecutive months, IGN.com has ranked as the #1 gaming information site, reaching the highest concentration of men 18-34 and one in four men online. IGN.com also pulls in two-times more video views than any other games site (comScore).

Now, if IGN.com can post a photo of the guy with the world’s longest fingernails pulling up the website on his iPad, then, maybe, FishbowlLA will be impressed. Until then, Guinness guys, stick to the non-web traffic kudos. OK?