iFob Makes Social Networking Real in Wi-Fi Hotspots

ifob_banner.jpgDuring the not so distant past, Bluetooth communications via mobile phones and handheld devices was such a fad whenever you’re in public places. Back then, communicating through Bluetooth was hip despite its limitation as a wireless communication tool.

Enter the Wi-Fi era, when anyone with Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect to the web anywhere a hotspot is present. And in this era of social networking and uber cool online communication tools, it gets even more exciting when you can socialize/network with other people “in real life” through your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

ifob_screenshot.jpgThanks to iCloseby’s iFob, communication software made specifically for iPod Touch and iPhone units. Just by installing the iFob free software on your Touch or iPhone unit, you can easily pick up the signal of other users within the same vicinity as yours. Once your iPod Touch or iPhone picks up a signal and establishes a connection to other users, you can then exchange profiles to your heart’s desire.

That’s mobile social networking for you folks. Now, here’s the exciting part, since you are in the same vicinity with that of the other user, you can immediately exchange glances and smiles or better yet approach each other and bring your social networking experience outside of the virtual world.

But before you go into social networking frenzy using your iPod Touch, iPhone and iFob software, remember what your mama used to tell you? The old adage, “Don’t talk to strangers”. Well, that saying doesn’t apply today anymore.