iFixit’s New User Contributed Gadget Disassembly Site

Images courtesy of iFixit

Have you ever brought home a new gadget, unboxed it and then thought: I wonder what it looks like inside of this thing? Well, the good folks over at iFixit.com do more than think about it. iFixit has been entertaining and educating us for years by taking apart all kinds of Apple products and documenting the process with text descriptions and excellent photos. If you have the urge to take apart your gadgets and let the world know about it, iFixit just launched a new site to help you out with that ambition…

iFixit (user contributed) Gadget Teardowns

The site already has a bunch of user contributed teardowns there including ones for the T-Mobile G1, BlackBerry Bold, Pleo (dinosaur toy), Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Nokia N95 and Nintendo DSi.

So, go grab your favorite gadget, head over to iFixit’s new site and find out what’s inside that thing.