iFixit Tore Apart the Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android Tablet)

Samsung’s Android OS 2.2 (Froyo) powered Galaxy Tab became available in the U.S. this week. iFixit.com took it upon themselves to get one and immediately tear it apart for out viewing pleasure.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Teardown

Here’s what iFixit found:

– Dock connector that looks a lot like Apple’s 30-pin connector pin-out
– Samsung 1GHz Hummingbird processor
– 1GB RAM, 128MB Samsung OneDRAM & 384MB mobile DDR
– Battery is replaceable without requiring a soldering iron (but not user replaceable)
– Battery is half the physical size of Apple’s iPad battery and has 60% of the iPad’s battery capacity
– Display glass is Corning Gorilla Glass (which is what the original Motorola Droid uses)

Rumored reports are the WiFi-only model’s release has been delayed until early 2011. I’m tempted to check with the local T-Mobile outlet about buying an off-contract Galaxy Tab.