iFixit Tore Apart a Brand New Palm Pre & Touchstone Charger for Your Entertainment & Education

Photo courtesy of iFixit

So, let’s say you woke up early (very early) this past Saturday morning to go stand in line at your local Sprint store to buy a brand new shiny Palm Pre. What would you do next? Well, if you are iFix it, you tear it completely apart…

Palm Pre Teardown

iFixit found a liquid submerssion sensor. So, I guess people won’t be able to deny getting it wet. They also note that the Pre’s logic board is much smaller than the iPhone’s. The Pre’s 1150 mAh battery is the same size as the iPhone 3G’s. But, background apps may mean a shorter battery life than the 3G (which has a pretty short battery life itself in my experience). Finally, iFixit notes that the Pre is very difficult to take apart and put together. This not a user serviceable device.

By the way, for good measure, iFixit also took about the Pre’s induction charger…

Palm Touchstone Charger Teardown

FYI: I’m scheduled to speak with iFixit’s CEO to discuss their many gadget teardowns over the years. Stay tuned for the podcast of this discussion in the near future.