iFixit Tore Apart a 6th Gen. iPod nano. No Surprises. But, Still Quite a Miniature Marvel

Photo courtesy of iFixit.com

Some of us were shocked back in 2005 when Apple killed their best selling iPod mini model (5GB hard drive) with the all-flash storage first generation iPod nano. The nano won over people like me (it was my first iPod), however. And, it soon replaced the mini as the most popular iPod model. The 6th generation iPod nano is a radical of a departure from the 5th generation as the first nano was to the mini it replaced. The new nano it the first of its line to have a touch screen which replaces physical click wheel interface. The new nano also lost its video camera and its ability to play video. It did, however, gain a physical volume control. I’m somewhat surprised that Apple didn’t create a new model name series for the new nano.

iFixit.com is back to its old tricks to show us what else is under the hood of this next generation iPod nano.

iPod Nano 6th Generation Teardown

I didn’t note any surprising revalations in iFixit’s photo-by-photo text commentary. The new nano is, of course, a marvel of miniturization. I’ll have more to say about the nano after the intact model I ordered arrives later today.