iFixit & EDN Teamed Up to Tear Apart & Analyze the HTC Surround (Windows Phone)

Phones built around Microsoft Windows Phone are all based on a set of common reference hardware specifications that insures that every phone model provides an acceptable user experience. Beyond that manufacturers have a free hand in differentiating their products from other Windows Phone devices. The HTC Surround’s differentiating feature is a pop-up Dolby surround sound speaker system. I haven’t listened the the Surround’s pop-up speakers. So, I can’t say whether they actually deliver on the promise of a mobile sound system.

iFixit (they who tear apart every gadget they can lay their hands on) teamed up with EDN’s Brian Dipert to dissect and analyze the HTC Surround this week.

HTC Surround Teardown (iFixit)

The HTC Surround: A Windows Phone 7 Teardown (EDN)

Brian notes that the speakers are from Yamaha and attached to the system board. He refers to other reviews of the Surround which suggest that the speakers do not pump out much sound because the speakers are simply too small.

www.HTC.com/Surround (HTC product page)