IFB: Zynga’s PetVille Game Has a Quality New Advertising Offer Wall from SocialVibe

Zynga announced that it was bringing back social advertising offers earlier today, after suspending them for two months while the company worked on new quality controls. Now, per a blog post by chief executive Mark Pincus last night, the offers are back. And they look more like normal coupons than the remnant-style advertising you see elsewhere on the web.

We covered the announcement in a little more detail over on last night. But here’s a closer look at the first Zynga offer wall now in action (that we know of), currently viewable in PetVille. It’s provided by a company called SocialVibe, from what we can tell; it’s not one of the established offer companies, and instead it has spent the last couple of years creating social engagement advertising that caters to major brands.

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