IFB: As Facebook Gears Up for Credits, Here’s the Exchange Rates for the 15 Supported Currencies

Facebook has slowly introduced its virtual currency, Credits, to third parties over the last few years. But it has been planning to make Credits a more central part of its platform for third-party developers, and we’ve been hearing that a bigger launch is planned soon.

So here’s a look at how much Credits currently cost Facebook users around the world. A lot more people are going to care about these numbers if and when Credits becomes a way to buy virtual goods in Facebook apps and games.

The table you see shows how each of the 15 currencies that Facebook supports currently converts to Credits. We convert to 10 Facebook Credits because that’s the lowest denomination available (you can’t just buy a single credit). We also compare the conversion to how each currency converts to the US dollar based on numbers from Yahoo Finance — clearly, Facebook is benchmarking the value of Credits on the dollar for the time being, as the two sets of numbers almost exactly line up. The difference is likely due to Facebok updating the dollar conversion slightly later than real-world market changes.

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