If You’re Too Busy to Read This New ‘Ideas’ Essay, You Should Read This New ‘Ideas’ Essay


Always the sign of a good rest of the week to come when you get a new essay from Ideas on Ideas. This time around, it’s a piece by Eric Karjaluoto entitled “Focused?” that tackles the plight of the small agency trying to handle too much, or, if you’re like us, trying to take on way too much freelance work and getting overwhelmed more often than not. Karjaluoto sums up the point of the essay best at the very end when he says, “As designers, we need to run our businesses, and not the other way around.” There’s some great advice in there and it’s a very worthwhile read, per usual. Here’s a little from the beginning:

Why do designers sometimes take on more than they should? The answers to this may be out of my reach, but I’d like to present a couple of possibilities. First, we enjoy what we do, so it’s easy to fall in love with the idea of crafting every aspect of a campaign. Be it passion or the tendency to obsess over the details, our desire to touch everything can get in the way of efficient business.