If You Tweet a Bee Emoji at Pandora, You Can Listen to Beyonce’s Station

#Soundslike campaign has 1,300 custom responses

Pandora's clever Twitter campaign puts a spin on emojis. Pandora
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Last month, Pandora launched a big, splashy ad campaign promoting Pandora Premium—the streaming service’s on-demand subscription product. For the next phase of the campaign, Pandora and DigitasLBi is delivering music to users who tweet their music preferences through emojis.

Today the brand is rolling out the second phase of the project with a Twitter campaign that automatically responds to anyone who sends a tweet to the brand’s channel including the hashtag #soundslike and an emoji. For example, someone who tweets an emoji of a bee—which fans often associate with Beyonce—at Pandora will be sent a response tweet with a deep link to the Beyonce Pandora station. Clicking on the link opens either Pandora’s website or app where users can login to listen to the station. In another example, tweeting the fire emoji triggers Twitter to spit out a link to Pandora’s “New Hip Hop” station.

Twitter conceptualized the idea and Pandora’s team mapped out 1,300 emojis to a station. The responses are coded by Twitter to automatically fire off a response seconds after a tweet is sent, but the team will also be able to switch out responses on the fly if they want to send a custom tweet.

“The Sounds Like You campaign celebrates individuality and personalization, and this Twitter concept builds on those themes by encouraging users to express their unique selves through emojis,” said Jen Millet, senior director of consumer marketing at Pandora. “In the same way that Pandora is highly personal, each tweet response links to a mixtape, genre station or artist station on Pandora that we think sounds like that emoji.”

Pandora is also running ads on Twitter to promote the program, targeting specific topics like studying for finals or targeting when an artist’s album drops in price.

Take a look at how it works in the video below.

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