Still Want a Friend in Washington? Get a…

Our hunt for the cutest dog in Washington belonging to a D.C. media type went over so smashingly well yesterday that we must continue. More journos think their dogs deserve to be named cutest over Media Matters Contributor Karl Frisch’s Dexter Von Frisch (who’s still among my personal favorites, no offense to Gizmo, Cooper, Wiki and the rest).

But we’ll see. The dog show goes on. Send your pictures to or to

The “real” cutest dog in D.C., reports Politico‘s Senior Editor Charles Hoskinson is his “12-year-old border collie mix, Dengo — with all due respect to my colleague Dan Hirshhorn [Owns that adorable stuffed animal looking pooch Penny from yesterday]. Here’s a look at him from the perspective of my 3-year-old son, who snapped the photo.” Meet Dengo below.

> Update #1: Writer, photographer, book editor and publicist Christina Davidson could be dropping a bombshell on this contest by insisting that her ferret be a contestant. “I have to object to your discriminatory cutest dog contest. How about cutest pet? Meet my ferret: Abu Weasel aka “The Big Weasy,” Yes, ahem, meet Abu below.

> Update #2: BBC Correspondent Katie Connolly remarks, “I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pup cuter than my lovely Charley, a girl-dog with a boy-dog’s name.” Meet Charley below.

> Update #3: Today’s contest is heating up. DCCC Online Communications Manager Stephanie Grasmick says her Westie, Henry, is the one. Meet Henry below.

> Update #4: “Pssst…CNN’s Brianna Keilar feels her pooch Mika was unjustly not included on coolest Dogs list.  Can I lobby for an addendum? (she’s hired me as a consultant, haha).” (Psst…The consultant is Brad Dayspring, spokesman to Virginia GOP Rep. Eric Cantor). Meet Mika below.

>  Update #5: CNN’s Ed Hornick: “Love my little rescue dog Jack!” Meet Jack below.