If You Don’t Like Her Work, Why Don’t You Cry About It


We wanted to direct you to a little rift in the photography world that, like all good rifts, is now playing out in the photography blogs. You may be familiar with the work of Jill Greenberg, whose show “End Times” caused a minor stir several months back because of its topic: crying children. Some critics worried that Greenberg inflicted emotional damage with her technique of giving the kids lollipops, taking them away, and shooting the results.

Now we’ll visit the blog of Thomas Hawk, a photography and tech writer who wrote the slightly incendiary post “Jill Greenberg is a Sick Woman Who Should Be Arrested and Charged With Child Abuse.” After a vicious game of back and forth (there was this, and this), Greenberg and her husband tracked down Hawk’s real identity (he writes under a pseudonym) and contacted his employer at his day job.

After a brief mention in the NY Times a few weeks ago, it’s today’s LA Times that ties it all together and also speaks with one of the crying children’s parents. While the LA Times seems fascinated with this little blog battle, which writer Steven Barrie-Anthony says is “sidestepping the art world almost entirely,” we’re all too familiar with some of the issues of blog-born criticism (harsh personal attacks, posting under anonymous names). How long before something similar happens in the design world?

Or will anyone care?