If You Can F**king Read This, Then You’ve F**king Been to Ironic Sans


Continuing the fun for this early Monday morning, we found that Ironic Sans was getting a little fed up with the censoring of curse words on the internet, spawned from the much-passed-around story from Money Magazine, “50 Bulls**t Jobs.” Ironic responded by saying:

Oh, I know. It’s the kids. They might be reading. Sh*t. I didn’t f*cking think of that. It would be terrible if they would see the word “Bulls**t” in print, but it’s okay for them to see it with the asterisks, right? They’ll have no idea what that means. And I’m sure they have no idea what “the F word” is, so let’s just keep calling it that.

But instead of just fuming about it, they instead decided to respond by doing something about it. They’ve created a plugin for Firefox that will remove things like these asterisks and other simplistic fill-ins used to take the vulgarity out of the vulgar. Ain’t the internet great?