‘If You Call And Say “Tell Me About The Job,” I’m Going To Hang Up On You’ (Awesome Job Ad)

The Prospect is a bimonthly magazine in Hartford, Connecticut, and its editor and publisher wants freelancers.

A tipster pointed us to this job ad posted today saying it “made [her] want to move to Hartford.”

The editor & publisher, Vincent Valvo, writes:

Unafraid, unfettered, thoughtful and compelling stories about the greater Hartford region. That’s what I want. I want to know about kooky people. I want to hear about issues of faith, about back-door deals, about political backscratching, about community leaders who are striving to be extraordinary. I want it all, and I want it good. And I’m extremely hard to please.
I want you to come to me with issues and ideas. Want some guidelines? Sure. Our pieces are as long as they need to be to tell an interesting story. This isn’t a daily newspaper: I’m not looking for daily journalism. I want great writing. I want ideas to help illustrate the story. I want pieces that make you proud to be a writer. And, dammit, I want it when we agree it’s due.

He finishes by giving out his contact information (and if you’re in Hartford, give the guy a call), and says: “But if you call me, I hope you have a great idea to pitch. Because if you call and say “tell me about the job,” I’m going to hang up on you.”