If you ask us, it was a waste of a perfectly delicious pie

Last night’s Radar launch party kicked off with some good, clean fun that wasn’t particularly clean when Gawker Media honcho Nick Denton had a pie thrown at his face during an ‘impromptu’ chat with Radar EIC Maer Roshan. Since we arrived fashionably late for the foodfight and missed the messy, sticky action, we’ll just relay what everyone else said happened: apparently uber-publicist Nadine Johnson beckoned Denton to Roshan’s side for a cheery hello, and then had one of her minions whip a pie at Denton’s head. Yay, welcome to our party! Though the pie missed the mark (mostly, but did catch his hair), Denton upped the hilarity ante by emptying his wineglass on Roshan’s head. All chuckles and smiles (see photographic evidence below), the two crazy media czars left to change clothes (ensembles provided by Roshan). Meanwhile, Nadine Johnson and her merry band circulated making balloon animals and inviting guests to smell their lovely boutennieres.

(pics courtesy of Denton)

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