If Windows Mobile 7 is a No-Show in 2010, Will Anyone Care?

This item from Bright Side of the News is probably generating a lot of discussion amongst Windows Mobile fans and detractors…

Windows Mobile 7 definitely delayed to 2011

Here’s the funny thing: My guess is that many people are totally willing to accept this notion even though the itme provides zero sources (credible or otherwise). So, what do we know about Windows Mobile 7?

– Neither Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer nor Entertainment and Devices President Robbie Bach said anything about Windows Mobile 7. In fact, the only mention of Windows Mobile was about version 6.5.

– Microsoft may mention Windows Mobile 7 mid-February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

– There is zero buzz about Windows Mobile 7 (except for its delays). If Microsoft is unable to deliver something during 2010, they might as well fold up the Windows Mobile tent and call it a day.

I should note that despite my own gloomy outlook, I remain a Windows Mobile fan (more on why in blogs to come) and hope Microsoft gets its mobile act together.