‘If This Then That’ For Media Pros

The Internet has been quietly abuzz about the new social connecting whatsit called If This Then That since it opened to the public last month.

IFTTT, as its known, connects various “channels”–RSS, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, etc., and sets them to do something when specific events are triggered. Thus you can have IFTTT email you every time someone favorites one of your tweets, or ask the service to check for photos of you on Facebook and add them to your Dropbox account. Each of these trigger-task combinations is called a “recipe.”

If you’ve used Yahoo! Pipes, you’ll understand If This Then That…If not, the learning curve isn’t too steep.

And now Journalism.co.uk has put together ten recipes for journalists. We suspect they’d be useful for anyone in PR or marketing too. Here are a few good ones:

This recipe will text you every time you get an email from an important editor.

You can also set up IFTTT to email you when a specific RSS feed contains a certain keyword. You could get emails every time Apple posts a press release about the iPhone 5, for example. Or use a recipe that emails you a transcript of a voicemail you leave at a certain IFTTT-sponsored number.

One kind of cool example for bloggers: if you use images on Flickr with creative commons licensing, you can set up an IFTTT recipe that saves your “favorited” photos on Flickr to your Dropbox for later use.

Do you use IFTTT? Will you?