If These Ads Are Anything To Go By, The Media Job Market Is Back

It seems like in the past few weeks we’ve gone from seeing very creative resumes and cover letters to seeing creative job ads.

That makes us think, if hiring managers need to be creative to get jobseekers’ attention, maybe it’s no longer a buyer’s market.

Here’s the latest example of a funny job ad— this one comes from online art community DeviantArt, which is seeking a marketing assistant. We’ve excerpted the best parts after the jump….don’t worry, the ninja turtle will make sense soon.

DeviantART’s Marketing department is seeking a self-starting Marketing Assistant who wishes to join a team of geeky individuals and assist in all levels of workplace organization.

The ideal candidate would be all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rolled into one.

Leonardo – A leader in project management:
Michaelangelo – A dude in tune with listening to the community:
Raphael – A cool head in the workplace, carrying out administrative duties with personal flair:
Donatello – A team player who knows their way around a computer:

Ideal candidate does not necessarily need to love the Ninja Turtles, but the type of person who does would fit in quite well here.
Application Instructions:

Along with your resume submission, please answer the three questions below in your cover letter:

1. Name three social networks or blogs sites that you are an active participant on.
2. Explain the difference between Alexa.com and Digg.com.
3. What is your favorite TV show (past or present) and why?

A few more helpful hints:

DO NOT apply for this position if…

* You’ve never seen ‘Trololololololololololo Man’ or don’t know what a Lolcat is.
* You can’t name at least half of deviantART’s user symbols.
* You don’t know basic HTML.
DO apply for this position if…

* You’re someone who wants to work a company that values its employees and offers an excellent work atmosphere.
* You know your Internet memes.
* You like things that are funny.
* You’ve read this job description carefully and are an expert at following instructions.

That’s right. They played the ninja turtle card. How could you not apply now?