If Sprint Announces a Windows Mobile Phone that Provides WiMAX Tethering, It Could be a Game Changer

Interesting speculation from Information Week’s Eric Zeman…

Sprint, LG, Microsoft To Intro WinMo WiMax Phone?

– Sprint: Its stock share price has a nice run from January to June as excitement about the Palm Pre rose. Then, it started a slow downward trend that seems to have reversed again in November. Sprint has had a lot of problems for the past couple of years. They could use some good news.

– Microsoft has had a pretty good year stock price-wise. However, none of their good fortunes are tied to Windows Mobile which has all but disappeared in terms of mindshare.

– LG Electronics seems to be doing well if the Nielson top 10 phones list information is accurate. And, Microsoft seems to be looking to LG to fill the handset maker hole left by HTC apparent focus on Android phone development.

– WiMAX: Sprint has teamed with Clear (as has nearly everyone else looking for a WiMAX 4G wireless play). WiMAX seems like a good idea. But, Clear’s real-world network footprint and data performance is a question mark for many of us (me included).

There aren’t any WiMAX capable phones (smart or otherwise) that I know of in the US. So, if the January 6 conference is about a Windows Mobile smartphone with 3G/4G data capabilities, that may be marginally interesting. I say “marginally” because most people probably consider their current 3G phone speed to be “good enough”. The potentially game changer may come in the form of 4G tethering. Windows Mobile already has good tethering features. If Sprint allows tethering without any additional fees over and above the 3G/4G data fee, there may be more than a few people who would consider getting a phone that provides that facility.