If Polls Show America Hates Trump and Clinton, Why Are They Winning?

Something is not adding up here.

This is easily one of the most polarizing presidential election in U.S. history.

A recent poll shows just how jacked up this election, this process, and this country really is. A CBS News/New York Times poll shows both front-runners — Donald Trump for the GOP and Hillary Clinton for the DNC — curry a majority of negative favor among voters.

Trump: Favorable — 24 percent; Unfavorable — 57 percent

Clinton: Favorable — 31 percent; Unfavorable — 52 percent

Furthermore, a Gallup poll shows that Donald Trump is the most unpopular candidate of either political party in U.S. history. So says Gallup, “Donald Trump has a higher unfavorability rating than any nominated candidate from either major political party since Gallup began tracking favorability in 1992.”

Yet there he is, trailblazing a path directly to the White House.

cbs poll views of candidatesHow are these numbers possible? How can Americans despise these people but also believe they can run the country? That’s where the PR issues arise and the conversation should begin.

Consider the world of reputation management and media relations: If you have a client that consumers hate or a product nobody wants to buy, the numbers reflect that. The client calls a PR pro for help and hopefully numbers rebound before said company goes bottom-up.

Take any crisis: BP and its oil spill, Sea World and its Orca, Subway and its perverted spokesperson, NFL and its violent offenders. Whatever the case, it was a concentrated amount of goodwill, public outcry, internal perspective, and media relations that prevented total annihilation.

So, about these candidates? How can we debunk the math… unless the media is in on it?!

CBS president Les Moonves has already said that Trump is good for business, so why wouldn’t the other networks follow suit? CNN, Fox News, MSNBC — they all have one thing in common: A lustful desire for ratings. This process has become a reality show and not about the country’s well-being. And networks know that people don’t vote with their conscience, rather they vote for what they see.

Who has earned the most free media? Surprise, surprise: Trump and Clinton.

Conspiracy theorists: The comments are open.