If Ping Says They’re ‘Must Reads’ Then They’re ‘Must Reads’


We’d been talking a little about this lately, between pals, about what would be the most essential collection of books on design assembled. But our random musings are really nothing in comparison to the sheer power, and delight, that comes with a Ping Magazine feature. This time, yep, “Toward Design Literacy: Essential Graphic Design Literature.” Fantastic. Here’s a bit from the intro:

I was urged to read certain books on graphic design during my undergraduate education, but it wasn’t until I had a few years of work under my belt and was attending graduate school at CalArts that I was able to really appreciate much writing about design.

A few amazing titles come out every year that really add to design history, criticism, and discourse. A sea of shitty “how-to” books and unwarranted design monographs is released each year, as well, though. It can be difficult to wade through the territory and find truly essential design education texts. Where does one start?