If the Mobile Tech Industry Was a Country, Its GDP Would be #13 in the World

GigaOm reports on a statement from an analyst that estimates the mobile technology industry will see about $1.3 trillion in revenue this year. That is, they say, about 2% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Wow! Mobile is now 2% of global GDP

Here’s another perspective on that estimate. If mobile technology’s GDP were for a country, it would have the 13 largest GDP in the world in between Spain and Australia (IMF rankings) or Spain and Mexico (World Bank rankings).

List of countries by GDP (nominal) (Wikipedia)

Using the IMF’s lists, here’s a sampling of a few countries’ 2010 GDP in billions of dollars:

1. U.S., $14.657
2. People’s Republic of China, $5.878
3. Japan, $5.458
10. India, $1.537
15. South Korea, $1.007
50. Peru, $0.152
181. Kiribati (the last country on IFM’s list), $0.000152