If It’s New To Us, It’s New to You, Right?

231352739_24a537d994_o.jpgAt least we think so. We heard about this book, Vintage Fabric From the States ,first at Diorama. Our curiosity piqued we looked for more information on Amazon.com. Turns out this book was published in February. So it’s not exactly hot in the publishing world. That’s ok. We think it’s newsworthy just because it’s a great reference book to add to your bookshelf even if you don’t care one iota about old textiles from the U.S. There will come a day when you’re working on the design for a web site on dogs or cats, and you need inspiration now. And there it will be, at your fingertips. No browsing in the Google image search engine will be necessary! By the way, we’re a little concerned that the book image for Vintage Fabrics on Amazon is in Japanese, whilst the English one is posted on Diorama. Oh well, if imagery and pretty pictures are all you’re after, it shouldn’t matter that you can’t read the darn tome.