If it didn’t happen, is it still news?

We feel a bit confused. We’d resisted weighing in on all inter-agency heavy petting until it was completely consummated. LOGO_endeavor.gif

A few weeks ago the estimable Nikki Finke reported that the rumors were flying, something that the whole town knew but no one – including her – could get 100% confirmed.

Page Six, of course, reported any new twist that cames in over the transom: ICM and Endeavor are merging; um, cancel that! Endeavor and UTA are merging! etc.

Today, Daily Variety‘s most plugged in movie reporter, Mike Fleming, reports that despite all the frottage between UTA and Endeavor, it’s all finally off.


Ok. Maybe in the age of Blackberrys,its just not possible to get a full-on agency scoop anymore. But the result of all this has so much chasing of our own tails, and while it makes the day go by faster, I imagine readers probably would appreciate more clarity and less quantity.

(From our vantage point, we can see Ari Emanuel…he’s eating a bran muffin at his antique desk! Wait! He’s put down the muffin. He’s bending down. He just picked up a piece of paper! Is it a merger document?! No, it’s just a paper napkin…”)

I mean, reporters like Nikki and Mike and Richard really are among the best in the world at what they do. But I wonder aloud if the drip-drip-drip on the web is making all of us worse at our jobs, instead of better?