If Content is King, Twitter is your Prince.

We have all heard it, “Content is king on your website… update, update, update.” The idea is simple, if you want people to explore your brand and visit your website you really need to provide a reason for them to come visit you.

When working on a personal brand or trying to create public momentum to creating the perception of action is always a challenge. When working you are most likely always doing something to create public momentum, having lunch with a potential client, meeting with the biz dev guy, reading a book on marketing; but to put all of these updates on a website is not only tediouse, the ROI isn’t as great as you might think.

This is where twitter steps in. Twitter offers badges, “what am I doing now” icons, that you can embed on your website and forward updates from your twitter account. This small but innovative step for a website can create followers out of people who aren’t yet ready to make the jump to twitter.

Think about it like this: You work for a small political actions department somewhere, you tweet the days events and have them posted to your website. You have coffee in the morning with a staff assistant, read a report on congressional spending before lunch, lunch with a old associate at a PR firm, the afternoon is spent writing proposals and you happy hour with some of your hill friends.

By tweeting those events, and having them post to your website, you have taken a regular day of work and turned it into a branding tool for your company or yourself. The people who view your site for information, and possible fund your operation, can now see how their interests are being promoted and their money is being spent.

Embedding twitter in your website turns your actions into a voice. Combine twitter with brightkite, with its picture uploading function, to post where you are while your doing something and you have found a way to continually add content to your website. More importantly you have found a way to show those who support you why they are supporting you.

Using the embed feature of twitter is a great way to engage people who aren’t ready to make the leap into social media yet. Remember, using social media as a tool to get your message out is useless if your message fails to reach the people you want.

This is just one simple tool for using social media to turn action into voice, a way to show people how what you do is helping them in some way. Making small updates to your website through twitter will allow you to stem the tide when it comes to making major updates to your site.

Do you know any other tricks for spreading social media to those who haven’t made the jump yet? Any way of show those who support you why they support you? I am also interested in any unique ways people are using twitter to create a voice. If you know of any let me know.

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