If a Finke gets mentioned in a forest…

Something historically unprecedented happened this weekend-- or didn't happen, depending on how you look at it.

Something historically unprecedented happened this weekend– or didn’t happen, depending on how you look at it. Nikki Finke was mentioned in the media, and FishbowlLA did not receive one or more emails from Nikki Finke pointing it out. If anyone knows where she lives, can they drop by and make sure she’s okay? Hopefully, she’s just on vacation, rushing through a museum somewhere.

Anyway, the mention comes in an NYT piece called ‘Divorce, Corporate American Style’:

When Jeffrey W. Greenberg was forced out as chief executive of Marsh & McLennan, the big insurance broker, amid a bid-rigging investigation of the company last year, journalists raced to call his ex-wife, Nikki Finke, a journalist herself.

Eager for any insights into the dynamics of Mr. Greenberg’s highly secretive family – his father, Maurice, was then the chief executive of the American International Group, the giant insurer, and a brother, Evan, is the chief executive of Ace Ltd., another big insurance company – they found that Ms. Finke was one of the few people willing to talk.

Nikki Finke willing to talk to the media? Quel suprise! Or as my sister over at FishbowlNY exclaimed– if anyone is interested, we have finally started to bond again and heal old family wounds– REALLY?

(By the way, the article goes on to mention what Finke told us a while back— that unlike many who divorce monied spouses, Finke only sought reimbursement for her wedding expenses in the settlement.)

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