If 36 Doesn’t Get You, 19 Certainly Will

We were having a little trouble with this page coming up for a minute, so if you get a blank page, stick with it, it’ll eventually pop up. Maybe there was just some kind of server hiccup or something. It happens to the best of us. Anyway, it’s a list compiled by Computer Arts, the really great, UK-based semi-trade magazine (and we don’t usually use “great” in regard to any kind of trade mag, usually because they’re filled with things you already know), entitled “50 Ways to Become a Better Designer.” And there’s yet another thing we don’t usually go for unless it’s really good: lists and stuff that purports to make you in some way “better.” So that said, if it’s gotten past out very structured, rock-solid hurdles, it’s probably worth glancing at at least. Sure, there’s apt to be stuff you already know or have been told a million times, but there’s also that other stuff you don’t remember to do, have never heard of, or are maybe doing completely incorrectly. So, just in case that does happen, before popping open that link, lather up your forehead with some lotion, because you might be smacking it time and time again as you go through the list.