IE9 Helped Me Find an Interesting Site for the iPad & Tablets: AP Labs Timeline Reader

Microsoft released the Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) web browser yesterday. They also created a website a website to help people discover IE9’s features.
One of IE9’s features is hardware-accelerated graphics and HTML5 web rendering support. To help uses discover how these two can work together, Microsoft assembled a list of HTML5 optimized sites that they call amazing sites. One of the sites was one from a tier-one company I had not heard of:
AP Labs Timeline Reader
Since it is an HTML5 site, it occurred to me that it should work fine on an iPad as well as other tablet with web browsers that support HTML5. One more more categories can be selected from a sidebar on the left.
It literally displays news headlines on a horizontal timeline by date. If you select multiple categories, this view can get cluttered very quickly. Tapping a headline brings up a short text summary with the option to read the full article (“continue reading”).

The Timeline Reader website is touch friendly but not optimized for touch. For example, you need to use the horizontal scrollbar near the top of the window to move horizontally across the timeline.
I don’t think it is my preferred way to read AP’s news content. But, it is an interesting experiment that I applaud. And, since it doesn’t take up any storage space, it doesn’t hurt to bookmark the site and visit it from time to time to see what’s new.