Idopia, Social Networking for Ideas

idopia_utopia-of-ideas.jpgThe idea behind Idopia is actually – ideas. Got the drift?
Idopia is a pretty simple site with an overarching goal of making ideas happen. By providing a social network for ideas to converge, Idopia is encouraging thoughtful people worldwide to share their ideas, collaborate on these ideas and contribute in making those ideas happen. Pretty simple, eh?


If you’re interested, I’m telling you as early as now, that Idopia is not your usual social network. When you create a profile, you don’t get to upload your photo to append to your profile. You don’t get to specify your favourites and pet peeves. The Idopia profile consists of something else, something more valuable and meaningful.

The moment you sign-up and create your account, you’d immediately notice something different from Idopia. You will be asked with three questions before proceeding with the registration. Your Idopia profile consists of your Core Values, a Blog, a Message Wall, and a Bookmark. You can also see various statistics relating to your profile such as Supporters, Ideas you are supporting, challenges posed on your ideas (in case you’ve already posted one), and ideas you are challenging. You’ll also see the ideas you authored, ideas you supported, and ideas you opposed.

Ok, so much for ideas. I’m running out of ideas to write here. If you’ve got any ideas about anything, why not share it with other and find out if there are others who share the same ideas that you have. Idopia is currently on beta stage though, so you might experience some minor quirks along the way. Otherwise, it’s a pretty functioning social networking site.