Idol and Dancing Stand Toe to Toe Atop Weekly Ratings

The penultimate week for American Idol and Dancing With The Stars took the top four positions for the week, according the Nielsen Company.

Idol won the top spot in New York for its two-hour performance show last Wednesday on Fox 5/WNYW (1.7 million/8.6). The elimination show, leading up to this week’s finale, was third (1.5 million/7.6).

As for Dancing, the Monday night two-hour performance on WABC was number two (1.5 million/7.9). The results program was fourth (1.3 million/6.4). The show als0 registered a tenth-place finish (913,000/4.5).

The Good Wife gave WCBS its highest rating at number five (1 million/5.2).

Meanwhile, the Saturday night Subway Series game between the Mets and Yankees on WNYW landed in a tie for sixth (1 million/5.0). The Friday night matchup on WWOR tied for 24th (647,000/3.2).  

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Rounding out the Top 10

*Sixth             NCIS                WCBS      (1 million/5.0)

Eighth         NCIS: L.A.        WCBS      (991,000/4.9)

Ninth          60 Minutes      WCBS      (974,000/4.8)


The NBA Eastern Conference Finals on TNT, pitting the Heat against the Bulls, made the Top 30 twice.

Game three on May 22 was 14th (773,000/3.8), while game two was 23rd (667,000/3.3).

The Billboard Music Awards, seen on WABC, was 14th (763,000/3.8).

Lastly, WNBC had no two appearances in the Top 30: Law and Order: SVU (692,000/3.4) and The Celebrity Appprentice finale (685,000/3.4) tied for 20th.