iDiots: A Short Film About Robots with an iPhone Problem

This cute video is sure to make Android users chuckle – it’s a robot tale with iDiots, a robot’s version of iPhones filled with Grumpy Cat, Nyan cat, and all of the other necessary internets. The video was created by BLR, or Big Lazy Robots, a visual effects company that has a lot of serious affection for robots. They made the film using Japanese model robots from kits.

It’s not a secret we love robots here at BLR, so we wanted them to be the heroes in our latest promo clip. Luxury cars with powerful engines to drive through roads under severe speed restrictions, cable TV that allows us to pay to watch all kind of sports, all from our comfortable sofa, and of course, hyper expensive cell phones that do almost everything but making a decent phone call.


IDIOTS from BLR_VFX on Vimeo.