Identity Crisis Arrives


This weekend was pretty great here in Chicago for this writer. We saw the Blackhawks beat Detroit, the Bears won over Green Bay and the Cubs get swept (which is perfect for a Sox fan in Chicago who is originally from Phoenix). But it wasn’t all sports, sports and more sports. On Friday, we also got in our copy of our friend Jeff Fisher‘s new book Identity Crisis! and now that we’ve gotten a chance to pour through all its pages, we give it our UnBeige seal of approval (unfortunately, we don’t have the art back yet for the “seal of approval,” so you’ll just have to create a mental picture of what it looks like: a circle with a unicorn jumping over the moon). If you’re the type who loves a mix of famous logo redesigns (and the groaning that often comes therein), as well as great coverage of whole identity creations and overhauls, you’ll love Jeff’s book. Also, as we’ve mentioned in the past, check in on his blog, where you can travel down the design book publishing path as he does.