Identify Video Games in Video Games Quiz on Facebook

video games quiz 650

Independent game developer Undercoders has announced the launch of the first episode of Video Games Quiz on Facebook. The game challenges players’ knowledge of video games by showing them screenshots from games and asking them to name them.

The experience is similar to brand logo-identification games, or the recently popular “Guess the 90’s,” as each video game title is represented by a single screenshot, and users can access hints if they need help.

Titles are separated into sets, and users must identify large groups of games before unlocking additional sets. These games include arcade classics like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, as well as new mobile favorites like Angry Birds.

When users need help identifying a game, they can choose to spend coins to instantly solve the puzzle, post the screenshot to Twitter or Facebook for free help, or use coins on one of three hints. One hint may offer the console and year of the game’s release, while another hint offers the first letter in the game’s name, and hash marks for the number of remaining letters. Finally, a third hint provides even more free letters in the game’s name.

Coins are earned for free when identifying images, or can be purchased with real money.

The Video Games Quiz series is also available on iOS devices. iOS users can now connect back to Facebook to sync their games and compete against their friends for high scores. The franchise includes additional titles featuring specialized topics, like the original Nintendo, the Sega Game Gear, Arcade games and more. All of these will eventually be ported to Facebook.

Video Games Quiz is available to play for free on Facebook.