is an Open Source Microblogging Platform

It’s wouldn’t be hard to understand what new startup is all about. It’s a simple microblogging service in the likes of Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce and the others. But what makes different from the Microblogging lot is its use of Open Network Service.

Just like other microblogging services that you can use to write short notices about yourself, where you are, and what you’re doing, and those notices will be sent to all your friends and fans. If you’re wondering how many words you can post to your account, well you don’t have to think that hard for like Twitter, also lets you post up to 140 characters. And like we said will send your updates to all your friends, we mean your friends regardless of what microblogging platform they use. Of course that’s assuming that those platforms adhere to the OpenMicroblogging Protocol. is a pretty simple service. It’s portal is even more simple, giving your updates in a chronological fashion. In fact, we don’t have to tell you how it looks and all you have to is think about Twitter and you know how it works and looks. is currently in beta stage, so expect to encounter some more bugs. And the folks at is also promising to introduced more new features in the coming days. We’re hoping that they would try as much as possible to make perform well on the server side to avoid continous downtime, like what we are currently experiencing with Twitter most of the time.

So, again like we always say, if you’re tired of using Twitter, there’s no harm in trying out a new service. Who knows, you might actually like