‘Ideas’ Strikes Back Against Style


Consider this a warning, Ideas on Ideas. If you keep posting more and more frequently while maintaining your usual high standards, we’re going to miss a post or two, passing some traffic your way, because, hey, there’s only so many times we can update UnBeige during the day and it wouldn’t be long before our readers start believing that we’re on your payroll (other than our monthly “consultant stipend”, of course). That said, Ideas has popped back up with their latest, “F*ck Style” (we’re pretty sure our Mediabistro owners don’t like us to cuss too much — it’ll rot our brains and foul up our pretty, pretty mouths). The post is all about getting over the fact that “design” isn’t the same thing as “style,” a problem that likely every designer has had to fight with from time to time. There’s that draw toward the flashy and something the kids will dig and then there’s realizing the importance of form and function coming together to result in what should be the ultimate focus: usability. It’s a great read and one to tuck aside the next time you’re going through that inner conflict or even, perhaps more regularly, with that client who wants all the pointless bells and whistles.