IdeaCity: The Best Thing We’ve Missed All Summer!

Creative Generalist has a terrific wrap-up of last week’s IdeaCity conference in Toronto. We hadn’t heard about it before, likely because we suffer from a sufficient lack of ideas, but it sounds simply amazing. Nothing in the whole thing is organized, there aren’t any themes, there aren’t panels or keynotes, no long Q&A sessions, and so on. It’s just interesting people talking about interesting things. So, essentially, they took out the 95% of what makes most conferences unbearable and expanded that tiny little good part. Anyway, the site has a gigantic, really super long run-down of the whole event, and it’s a blast to read because you’re never on the same thing from one paragraph to the next. We were buying our tickets for next year when we read this:

We witnessed a live performance by the late great pianist Glenn Gould. Of course, he was not present in the flesh but a technology developed by John Q. Walker at Zenph Studios played his variations mechanically on the grand piano, exactly replicating and even improving the original recording. The technology is an answer to the question “What would it take to sit in the room as Glenn Gould played again?” and the challenge of reconciling old recording technology of the past with advanced listening techniques of the future. “Performance is now a renewable resource.”