Idea Grove’s Spin Thicket Gets a Pruning


If you’re a fan of Digg, Fark, and Reddit, and you’re in PR, you may want to check out the Spin Thicket. It’s a Fark-like aggregator of media-related news hosted by the Idea Grove PR firm in Dallas, TX.

The above jpg is a sneak preview of the redesigned site, which looks cleaner, and includes quick tabs at the top for popular topics, a tag cloud on the left, and best comments on the right. It will include Google Adsense ads, according to Idea Grove’s founder Scott Baradell.

Anyone is welcome to submit links to the Thicket, and the day’s best end up on Baradell’s blog. It’s snarky, equal-opportunity hating with categories like “Craven Demagogues,” “Viral Fungus,” and “Media Hotties.”

Today, for example, Newshounds has “Neil Cavuto Puts Two Bits of News Together to Make One Big Lie About Hugo Chavez,” while Newsbusters has “NYT Columnist Paul Krugman: Obama Supporters Are Like Nixon.” Social media mavens get their fill with “Jason Calacanis wants to be CEO of Twitter” (Valleywag).

PS/Amazon alert: Check out “It’s Not News, It’s Fark: How Mass Media Tries to Pass off Crap as News” by Fark founder Drew Curtis. By watching endless stories click by, Curtis identified 8 patterns the mainstream media follows when there is no actual news to cover. It’s the most important piece of media criticism that no one read last year.