Idea Connection: Hire a Solution

Do you have a problem that requires an innovative solution? Are you an expert problem solver and looking for work? IdeaConenction connects companies or individuals that have problems to the solution experts. Here is how it works. Companies or individuals post problems in various fields (business, healthcare, marketing, electrical engineering, etc.) and offer money to those that come up with viable solutions. If you are a problem solver, you can freelance this projects at your disposal, picking and choosing the best ones in your field.

They also offer other related services. You can post a “want ad” for technology, sell or buy inventions, post or view funding requests, or even find a mentor. Additionally, there are links to related resources such as inspirational books, new inventions, conferences and idea/solution contests.

If you have niches in one of these markets and are able to solve problems quickly and thoroughly, this is a great website to get started. As far as companies, this is a great out of the box tool to kick start your solutions process. Overall this Website has taken a Craigslist model approach to helping out both companies and problem solvers find the work they are searching for.