Iddiction launches Xplode app discovery platform

Iddiction has announced the launch of its Xplode app discovery platform on iOS, aimed at helping developers connect and cross-promote apps to drive free installs. The platform adds a widget to mobile apps and games, providing a catalog view of connected mobile apps, and allowing users to learn more about those apps without heading to the store.

“I started Iddiction to help mobile app developers around the world succeed in growing their business,” said Andrej Babergoj, CEO of Iddicion. “There are now over a million apps in the App Store but very few are able to gain real traction. App discovery is difficult and often expensive. It should be neither.”

Using Xplode, developers can cross-promote games and apps inside their own app network, which works to re-engage existing users, and create brand loyalty across multiple apps from the same developer. In addition, developers can partner with other teams to cross-promote apps in each others’ titles.

The Xplode dashboard tracks impressions, clicks, installs and more, and allows developers to change the layout of their catalogs, adding new apps to the grid or changing app positions. These in-app catalogs can be customized to match an app’s theme or color scheme, so they don’t stand out in a negative way.

Xplode has already experienced major success stories in its private beta, as Split Pic, Font Candy and Animal Face developer Easy Tiger Apps saw Xplode drive 20,000 new installs to its apps within 10 days.

More information on the Xplode platform is available on the company’s website.