iCurrent Eyes Personalized News Aggregator Space

iCurrent is trying to carve its niche into what it calls the personalized news aggregator space, collecting content from news sites, blogs, and elsewhere on the Web based on users’ interests and preferences.

The site offers users a personalized front page and an unlimited number of channels, using its indexing technology to locate related content.

From the About iCurrent page:

Personalized Front Page: You get a simple and balanced starting point to see new articles that match your interests and key national, global, and topical news. Like an editorial staff working just for you, we try to deliver just the right daily mix based on all kinds of factors including what you’ve been most interested in recently, what’s happening in the world, what’s happening with other people, what other people are finding interesting, and the judgment of our editors.

Channels: You get unlimited Channels, each of which is news about a single interest (e.g., Goat Cheese, Chocolate, Lacrosse, Politics, Cancer Research, George Clooney, and more). You can create new channels by simply searching for things you’re interested in. You can follow current events or popular topics with thousands of Channels from our editors. And you can share Channels with friends.

Tuning: You tune your Channels by adding or removing Topics or Sources as they naturally arise. You simply mouse over articles and click the arrows to say “Yes, I’m interested,” or “No, I’m not interested.” We’ll guide you from there. Tuning your channels helps iCurrent stay in sync with your interests as they evolve.

iCurrent is based on sophisticated indexing technology that harvests and organizes Internet content and matches newly found articles to your interests, constantly. Our harvester aggregates articles from thousands of newspapers, magazines, blogs, and Web sites. To make it easy for you to have a rich and varied set of channels, our curators and users share thousands of content channels across a wide range of interests.

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