iConvert Turns Your iPad Into a Mobile Scanner

Apple announced all sorts of new tool and apps today, but that’s not the only new trick the iPad got.

The iConvert scanner was unveiled today. It’s an iPad dock that integrates a basic document scanner. This $150 gadget can scan documents at 300dpi. It’s a a front-feed, device, and that’s going to make it a little difficult to get the scanned docs afterward.

This is an expensive scanner, considering that regular scanners can be had for under $100, including some feature rich models from Brother. But this one does work directly with the iPad, and it can scan pages from 2″ to 8.5″ wide and transfer them directly to your iPd as JPG files.

Now, I would rather use  fixed unit due to the many available features. But if I needed  mobile scanner, this one isn’t bad. It would be great for anyone on the rod all the time; receipts and other business documents would seem to be its forte.