The Iconic Reader’s Digest Is Getting a Digital Makeover

Trusted Media Brands aims for people just starting out

Trusted Media Brands, Inc. is having some remodeling done. But don't expect its brands to lose that wholesome, uniquely American charm, a characteristic that attracts 56 million visitors to its digital brands every month.

In addition to serving a hearty all-American breakfast of casserole, bananas and baked french toast, sausage, fruit salad and more, Trusted Media Brands spoke about expanding its footprint as it transforms into a digital-first entity at its inaugural NewFronts presentation Friday morning.

"Following our name change and rebranding, we're jumping at the opportunity to reintroduce our brands to the business and ad communities," said Rich Sutton, chief revenue officer for Trusted Media Brands, which until September was called the Reader's Digest Association.

The company has scored significant advertising deals with lifestyle brands like Toyota, Nestlé, Home Depot, Tyson, MetLife, Geico, Folgers, Purina and Eggland's Best. And it hopes to attract a multigenerational audience of 28- to 36-year-olds, a post-graduate demographic just getting started with careers and families. 

"We celebrate stories of people from across the entire 50 states," Sutton said.

Trusted Media Brands announced six new video series across its biggest lifestyle brands: Reader's Digest, Taste of Home and The Family Handyman. The series explore topics such as health, home improvement and the culinary arts. 

Reader's Digest is delivering two series that focus on mental health and improvement:

  • Live Better With Liz! is a health-focused series hosted by the brand's editor-at-large, Liz Vaccariello, who offers her take on personal health, including the science behind harmless habits and what is truly worth worrying about in life.
  • Everyday Genius provides viewers with "inspired advice." Topics include how to read personalities, decode handwriting and even how to spot a liar.

Taste of Home original series combine food and fun with a modern twist:

  • America the Tasty is a fast-paced recipe series which combines American cuisine with trivia about where the dishes originated.
  • Fun with Food! is hosted by Taste of Home Test Kitchen personalities Mark Hagen and Lauren Knoelke, who offer a "how-to guide" targeted to a millennial audience interested in improving their culinary skills.

The Family Handyman is presenting a duo of DIY series:

  • Fix-It George is a home improvement series featuring George Beavers, who provides tips on everything from how to paint trim to installing cabinets and much more.
  • Healing Spaces is a six-episode series similar to ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.