Icon Magazine Encourages Top Designers to Rant

Whew. A lot to read. PSFK pointed us over to Icon Magazine‘s big feature for their celebratory 50th issue. It’s referred to as their “Manifesto Issue” and as such, they’ve invited fifty designers and architects, hitting up all the big names from Sagmeister to Holl to Mau and asked them to write some kind of manifesto. The one PSFK was pointing out is Jasper Morrison‘s three paragraph piece about how horrible the design industry has become. Here’s the first paragraph to get your mouth a-watering:

Design, which used to be almost unknown as a profession, has become a major source of pollution. Encouraged by glossy lifestyle magazines and marketing departments, it’s become a competition to make things as noticeable as possible by means of colour, shape and surprise. Its historic and idealistic purpose, to serve industry and the happy consuming masses at the same time, of conceiving things easier to make and better to live with, seems to have been side-tracked. The virus has already infected the everyday environment. The need for businesses to attract attention provides the perfect carrier for the disease.