Iced Coffee Kegs Cool Off Buzzfeed & Gawker Offices

coffee cupWant a morning cup of Joe? According to The New York Post, you can get that cup from a keg. Check that — a cup of iced coffee from a keg.

This is the brainchild of three brothers. David, Adam and Noah Belanich originally sold their concoction from a food truck and then expanded to businesses by delivering artisan coffee grounds, tea and 5-gallon kegs filled with concentrated cold-brew coffee. Once their coffee caught on, they eventually sold their food truck to set up a brick-and-mortar business by bringing coffee directly into offices.

Per the piece, Buzzfeed staffers can sip on their Joyride iced coffee from the kegerators. Chief of staff Jamie Urso told the newspaper, “I knew everyone would love it, and we couldn’t pass it up.”

Joyride installed their first kegerator last May at the Gawker office. Get this — they maintain a website so staffers can see if the keg is full or empty.

It sounds like the Joyride business is booming — it’s expanded from five to 15 employees in the past 12 months and it’s launched an office in San Francisco.

Colleen Quinn, office manager at Shop Architects, perhaps sums it up best. That is, her company was in the process of designing new office space and specifically set aside space for the kegerator in the common area.

“It is absolutely a treat for people,” she explained. Plus, the product is “very strong and meant to be diluted” with water or milk. She added, “I think our staff is drinking it practically straight, giving them a significant buzz.”